A Closer Look At DIY Electricians – The Licensed Electrician

Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence of electric charge, says Wikipedia. So when dealing with major and minor electrical repair and replacement works that keep arising in homes the first impulse, usually, is to do that yourself. But, before you take this DIY project there are some important things to consider.

It is Illegal

Brisbane has some of the clearest and most precise electrical laws. It ensures that the residents remain safe. Any kind of injury caused due to improper and untrained handling doesn’t take place.

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Will Attract Huge Penalties 

The law prohibits any untrained and unlicensed professional to carry out any kind of electrical work. This can cause damage and injury. You will not only be putting your life at risk but also void the insurance of the electrical appliances getting damaged due to the fault. This is a major violation and may attract penalties up to $40,000 for individuals. 

Only trained and licensed Brisbane Electrical Contractors can do this. They will provide quality services to you whenever you need.

If you have any kind of electrical repair or replacement work in your home, you must call the trained electricians to do that.

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Some of the specific advantages of hiring Brisbane Electrical Contractors are:


Professionalism is a virtue which comes from discipline and training. Trained professionals will always honour their appointments and turn up on time. This is a great plus as you will not have to waste your time waiting for them. Timely service is a big thing and you can only expect it from professionals. 

Friendly no-nonsense attitude

This is a great advantage of hiring a professional electrician through Brisbane Electrical Contractors. The electrician will be friendly and would create no hassle. You’d get the service you want without any unnecessary fuss. They are all equipped with the correct training to be courteous and respect your privacy and time.

Pay only for the services availed

One of the biggest problems with such works is that you don’t know the things for which you may get charged. The small time contractors use your ignorance to their advantage and try to over charge you for the services. The licensed Brisbane Electrical Contractors would never do such a thing. You will always get a quote about the services required and the tentative costs for those services. This ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the service. 

Your Safety Guaranteed

Homes are sensitive places when it comes to security. From young kids to pets are there which can get harmed due to unsafe electrical work. This is a very strong reason you must always avoid engaging unlicensed electricians. Your small attempt to save some money can cost you very high. A trained and licensed electrician would always perform the security checks after completing the job. If there is any safety concern it will be addressed to the core so that your home is made a safe haven for your loved ones.

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Complete protection

The Electrical Contracting Brisbane regulations mandate that every licensed electrician must carry a minimum $5 million public liability insurance. It has an individual $50,000 consumer protection component. This means that in the case of any unfortunate incident you will be completely covered. The standard charges of the electrician is a very small fee to pay for that.

You can easily find Brisbane Electrical Contractors in:

Directories- The regular job directories like the Yellow Pages, White Pages, and newspapers are a good place to find licensed electricians.

Online- You can search for reliable electricians on the internet. It is full of information.

Before you hire an electrician you must always ensure the following things:

  1. They have the license number in their advertisements and they must confirm it that it’s valid.
  2. You must verify that their license is valid through the license checking websites.

This is very important for your own safety. If you suffer damages due to the fault of DIY electricians, all the damages will have to be borne by you. You will not be able to claim any insurance, compensation or support.

Always remember that Australian Standard requires compliance certification for all repair works from the electricians. This is a document which clearly certifies that all the repair work has been carried out properly and meets all the safety requirements. A DIY electrician will not be able to give it. 

Safety of your home is your responsibility. Endeavours to save money are good but being penny wise and pound foolish is not a prudent choice. If you are facing any electrical problem for which you require professional services, you must call the Brisbane Electrical Contractors for help immediately.